South London escorts lesbian stereotypes

As a straight woman, I hear a lot of things about lesbians, and I don’t know what it’s like to be a lesbian, but I hear a lot of things. And I thought I would tell you what I’ve heard and then we’re gonna see which ones I fall into, as well said South London Escorts of

Which stereotypes you fall into. I’ll be real about it. I fall into some stereotypes. We’ll like debunk some and then we also might just reconfirm some.

First thing, and I already know that this one applies to some.

My mom, no but my mom did like have sexual feelings for a girl once. she admitted it in a conversation of mine. And this is something that I’ve just noticed amongst my lesbian friends, is that they settle down so fast. Like, they’ll be dating for like. Three months. And then they move in together. Three months, that’s what both of us said at the same time because literally that’s the timeline.

Three months, you move in and then like within the year you’re engaged. You get a cat and you get engaged. Then you put a down payment on your house and you’re good to go. One of the things that I hear a lot of people argue, sometimes a lot of men argue, is that, and I hate this argument but then when you look at a lot of lesbian relationships, you’re like oh no they’re doing it, they’re confirming it.

What is it? Which is like women or more emotional and more committal than men. So then you put two women in a relationship together and it’s like uber emotional and uber committal. Yeah and then they stop having sex. Well that’s the other stereotype.

So yeah, it’s pretty much the same thing. This is when two women get so emotional, they stop getting physical and there’s nobody, nobody initiates sex.

Okay, the other thing is and I don’t see this but maybe that’s because Cause I am not gay? I think it’s because I’m not a gay man. Cause I think this is something that a lot of gay men say about lesbians. Is that you’re mean and you’re rude and you’re really cold and standoffish.

We don’t think they’re standoffish but they’re definitely rude. Do you think you’re mean and cold and standoffish sometimes?

Lesbian relationships are one femme lesbian and one butch lesbian and the butch is the top and the femme is the bottom. Right and that was difficult for some because that stereotype was really difficult for some when they were coming out because they wasn’t a butch and they wasn’t really a femme and they didn’t know if they were a top or a bottom.

The truth is, a lot of a feminine lesbians are actually the tops. That’s the truth, at least in my experience, that’s 100 % the truth.